video transfer and production

Memories don’t get any clearer! Do you have shelves full of old VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, PAL, hi8, 8mm, Beta, U-Matic, digital8, miniDV or MiniHDV tapes or film reels full of your favorite family memories? Let us take those relics and turn them into priceless modern treasures.

We go above and beyond the video transfer competition!

We can create custom DVD’s as well, not just basic transfers to DVD. Let Seattle Video Transfer take those old media, capture them, and create high-quality full-color labeled DVD’s for you, ensuring protection & longevity of your favorite memories. Most companies don’t offer this service; they simply offer a basic transfer. Our custom packages include creative menus and chaptering, & optional slideshows set to music, as well as full-color packaging!

Video formats that we transfer to DVD

  • 8mm Film Reel w/ or w/o sound (price per foot).  NOTE: These must be *developed* footage; not cartridges
  • 16mm Film Reel w/ or w/o sound (price per foot). NOTE: These must be *developed* footage; not cartridges
  • Super8 Film Reel w/ or w/o sound (price per foot). NOTE: These must be *developed* footage; not cartridges
  • Analog 8mm, Video8 or hi8 Cassette Tapes (NTSC only)
  • Digital 8mm Cassette Tapes (NTSC Only)
  • VHS Tapes (NTSC or PAL)
  • VHS-C Tapes (NTSC or PAL)
  • Beta Tapes
  • U-Matic Tapes
  • Polavision
  • MiniDV Tapes (SD Resolution)
  • MiniHDV Tapes (HD Resolution)

Note: for any of these formats, these must NOT be commercial releases and you MUST own the copyrights to them. Please see this link to determine if you own the copyrights.

Please note: at this time we do not transfer copyright-protected, fitness, or pornographic material to DVD.  We also reject tapes with mold or other contaminants on them.

How is film reel transfer to DVD accomplished?

Our equipment is custom designed to create Super 8, 8mm and 16mm film reel transfers that offer the breathtaking clarity that can only come from frame by frame scanning in high definition. Every frame of your reversal footage (no negative) is individually scanned directly to an HD camera using a CMOS sensor with almost 3 million pixels! The gate on our camera is enlarged to give us access to 100% of the film frame and our unique, super bright, cool LED light source provides rich, vibrant colors with zero hot spot and no chance of burning film. Frame by frame scanning means your transfers are extremely clear from corner to corner. The sprocketless drive assures no film damage to your priceless footage. All films are cleaned and prepped before transfer to repair bad splices and to look for potential bad sprocket holes that might mar the quality of the transfer. After transfer, all footage is color and density corrected before going to DVD. Please note that film reel transfer, unlike videocassette transfer, takes 2-5 weeks to process depending on our existing workload.  Be sure to inquiry early around the holidays!