Family slide show videos, full video productions, video montages, demo reels, corporate presentations and personal tribute videos take so much time to do right, and you’ve got people waiting! Let Seattle Video Transfer do the job for you with an artistic flair. Check out our samples below. All samples © 2021 Seattle Video Transfer except for soundtracks included therein.

Personal Video Production & Slideshows

On the personal side, visit the following examples for our tribute videos and personal commemoration videos below. Satisfaction guaranteed – they’re often weepers as they pan through family pictures set to your favorite music, making incredible gifts for the holidays or otherwise. Let us help take all of your ingredients (35mm slides, hard prints, digital images, soundtracks, mp3’s, cell phone videos, videotapes, audiotapes, etc.), put them together and commemorate your event or someone special on DVD or BluRay!  Request an estimate today!

Corporate and Professional Video Production

We’ve produced a tremendous amount of documentaries and corporate videos over the years and they just get better with time, capturing your business’s true message and conveying it flawlessly to your reps and customers! This is where true creativity kicks in and we create you a project that looks professional. Request an estimate today!