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Videotape Transfer to DVD or Digital :: Film Reel Transfer to DVD or Digital :: Audiotape or LP Transfer to CD or Digital :: 35mm Slide Transfer to Digital, or Individual Projects & Other Pricing

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Videotape Transfer to DVD

(includes Basic Menu & Chaptering)

STANDARD TAPES include VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV (standard resolution only!), SVHS, hi8, Digital8, 8mm, etc.. Pricing is as follows:

  • If you have between 1 and 25 tapes: $ 18.00 per tape
  • If you have between 26 and 50 tapes: $ 17.00 per tape
  • If you have between 51 and 75 tapes: $ 16.00 per tape
  • If you have between 76 and 100 tapes: $ 14.00 per tape
  • If you have 100+ tapes: $ 12.00 per tape

NON-STANDARD TAPES include HD MiniDV Tapes, PAL VHS or VHS-C, Beta and U-Matic tapes. These range in price ~$50-$75 each. Please feel free to request a quote.


  • Basic video transfer does not provide video cleanup, static removal or image stabilization, merely preservation of your existing materials. However, cleanup and improvement services are available at our $50/hour video editing rate. We can assess what needs to and can be done with your materials after performing a basic video transfer. For a breakdown comparing basic video transfer to custom video production, see this link.
  • We do not transfer fitness videos, copyright-protected, or pornographic material to DVD or CD. You must own the copyrights on these in order to transfer them. If they are commercial purchases or releases, we will not transfer them in accordance with Title 17 of the US Code and the DMCA. Check out whether your tape is copyright-protected here.
  • You are not charged for blank tapes.
  • For tapes that are 15 minutes or shorter, there is a $2 discount per tape.
  • PAL is a European format tape – we only transfer PAL VHS or PAL VHS-C to DVD. We can also convert PAL DVD’s to NTSC (North American standard) DVD’s.
  • Each includes DVD, Case, Case Insert, and Label.
  • Additional copies: costs vary.
  • If you have 8mm, VHS, or VHS-C tapes that are broken but the screw holes are still visible, we can repair them for a nominal fee and then transfer them to DVD.

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Film Reel Transfer to DVD

(includes Basic Menu & Chaptering)

(3″ Reels @ 50 ft, 5″ Reels @ 200 ft ea, 7″ Reels @ 400 ft ea, etc..)

The following pricing is for 8mm, Super 8, Super 8 w/Sound, 16mm, or 16mm w/Sound Film Reel:

  • .25 per foot (additional .10 per foot if sound is included on reel)
  • $30 Setup Fee
  • $25 for each Master DVD
  • When you request an estimate, be sure to indicate how many of what size reels you have. For example, (5) 3″ reels, (1) 5″ reel, and (12) 7″ reels.
  • 3″ reels are typically 50 feet each, 5″ are typically 200 feet, and 7″ are typically 400 feet.
  • Minimum 500 feet required
  • To see how film reel transfer is conducted, see our FAQ

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Audiotape or LP Transfer to CD

(includes Audio Cleaning & Track-splitting)


(for Basic Cassette / LP / Vinyl / Audio Reels*** / File to CD)


NOTE: we also capture CD’s to .mp3 files @ $3/CD. (Bulk discounts apply). This includes full metadata and album artwork, 320kbps audio .mp3 files, and high-fidelity data discs containing your CD audio in subfolders, along with quick turnaround.  And we’re local to Seattle so you don’t have to risk sending them in the mail!

Quantity of Tapes Tapes require Separation between tracks No separation required
1 to 15 $ 32 ea $ 18 ea
16 to 30 $ 31 ea $ 17 ea
31 to 50 $ 30 ea $ 16 ea
51 to 70 $ 29 ea $ 15 ea
71 to 100 $ 28 ea $ 14 ea
Over 100 $ 26 ea $ 12 ea
  • Packaging varies. Each includes at minimum the CD and slim jewel Case.
  • Thermal or Silkscreen printing may be available depending on quantity & variation.
  • Subject to Addt’l charge if media is unstable, damaged, or non-standard
  • Audio Reels are $50 per reel
  • Addt’l copies: costs vary <$5.00
  • If you have cassette tapes that are broken but the screw holes are still visible, we can repair them for a nominal fee and then transfer them to CD.

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Individual Projects & Other Pricing

Individual projects are billed at $50 / $80 per hour

The hourly rate for all of the following audio/video production services is $50 per hour; filming is $80 per hour. A deposit is usually necessary, equal to one-third up-front. All services below are subject to available bulk and courtesy discounts:

We can provide full video capture and videography in HD, and provide subsequent HD & Blu-Ray editing and output! The filming rate is $80/hr; the editing rate is $50/hr.

In all instances, an estimate and/or invoice will be provided.

Other Pricing

  • 35mm Slide Conversions (or other formats): depending on your quantity, these range in price from .30 to .60 cents per slide and have a setup and master disc fee
  • Photo Conversions: depending on your quantity, these range in price from around .50 per photo and have a master disc fee
  • Printing fees vary
  • Materials fees vary

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