Memories don’t get any clearer! Do you have shoeboxes full of old 33’s, 45’s, 78’s, LP’s or cassette tapes? You’d like to be part of the 21st century, right? Let us take those relics and turn them into priceless modern treasures!

We are more than just video transfer! Let Seattle Video Transfer take those audio media, capture them, and create high-quality full-color labeled CD’s for you.  We offer several levels of CD packaging for you!

We can transfer the following audio formats:

  • CD’S into mp3 format!
  • * Cassette Tapes
  • * LP’s
  • * 33’s
  • * 45’s
  • * 78’s
  • * Reel to Reel Recordings (specialty format, non-standard pricing)
  • Microcassette Tapes

* Note: for any of the formats with asterisks next to them, these must NOT be commercial releases and you MUST own the copyrights to them. Please see this link to determine if you own the copyrights.