“I was very pleased with Seattle Video Transfer. My project was turned around quickly and communication was very easy and fast. I look forward to sharing the photo slideshow he created with others, and will definitely plan on using this company again in the future!”

– Erin, Seattle WA

“SVT filmed and produced our wedding video and also has worked on corporate videos for my company. His service is second to none, and I appreciate his high ethical standards and integrity. His pricing is also beyond reasonable. I can’t imagine being more happy with a company.”

– Tom, North Bend WA

“I employed Seattle Video Transfer to work with us to develop a single DVD: Latte Art Love and a second two DVD set: Barista Fundamentals – Gaining Control of the Variables and Machine Maintenance Made Easy. They videotaped the instructional videos and provided the post-manipulation/editing that resulted in an excellent product. He was a pleasure to work and extremely professional with our working relationship. The work performed and product produced was excellent and of the highest quality. We would recommend this company and will utilize them in the future for our other video/DVD projects.”

– Jeff, Seattle WA

“When my parents were downsizing, we found a bunch of old 8mm film reels and had no idea what was on them and what it would cost to have someone transfer the content on to DVDs. I received a prompt email bid after hours, and they answered all my questions about the process. The project was completed on time and my family is thrilled with the results. We just found several more reels and will definitely use them again. This company comes with my highest recommendation.”

– Jillayne, Seattle WA

“Great work. Quick, easy and the work was great. Would use again and recommend to anyone needing video services.”

– Molly, Seattle WA

“I anxiously brought a 28 year-old VHS tape of precious home movies to Seattle Video Transfer, afraid that it was too old and too poorly degraded to recover. He had a very fast response time and answered all my questions and had an equally quick turn-around time for finishing the project. He also presented me with some strategy about how best to transfer the video to DVD in the most cost effective way. And the result was perfect! I was so moved to see home videos of our family that I was sure we would never be able to see again. I will bring other family videos to Seattle Video Transfer for sure.”

– Talia, Seattle WA

“You guys did a great job on transferring our old tapes to DVD’s. The quality is very good and your service was very fast. I think you ended up doing around 35 tapes for us. I will pass your name along to other folks in Ketchikan that are thinking about getting old tapes reformatted, thanks again.”

– Phil, Ketchikan AK

“Seattle Video Transfer did a great job transferring 50+ year old 8mm movie film to a DVD. The picture quality was excellent given the condition of some of the film. The movies were all of family gatherings and most people have passed on. My mother-in-law was thrilled with being able to see so many relatives from her youth. My husband and I will be visiting his parents this summer (in MI) and we both look forward to viewing again with his mom and dad. With the magic of current technology it is great to give a gift of memories to family members.”

– Nancy, Des Moines WA

“Seattle Video Transfer is high quality. I was having trouble transferring my 20-year-old analog tapes using an inexpensive USB capture box and my old Sony camcorder. SVT’s equipment did a much nicer job: crisp video, low distortion, and much better sound. Seattle Video Transfer were very attentive to my technical questions as well as getting the job done. I highly recommend SVT.”

– Ralph, Anacortes AK

“I had Seattle Video Transfer convert an old VHS to DVD. They were very efficient, easy to work with, and cost less than a photo shop would. I definitely recommend using them to convert old media types.”

– Melody, Seattle WA

“They turned my DVD’s around in a day and they turned out great!!!!  They also provided very useful information on how to care for DVDs which I was not aware of. Great company.  Would not hesitate to recommend to all of my friends!! Thanks again SVT!”

– James, Seattle WA

“I had 41 family VHS tapes to transfer. They did a superb job. Their personal manner is warm and professional. All around a very pleasant experience and I got my memories transferred in time for Christmas.”

– Jack, Seattle WA

“Great Job. Very professional. I had dozens of videos and the job was completed without a hitch, on time, and on budget.”

– Jim, Seattle WA

“Seattle Video Transfer’s customer service is excellent and professional, they provided DVDs of our VHS tapes with quick turnaround, and everyone in my group was so happy that we are preserving our group’s history on DVD. Their prices and customer service are a step above “big box” providers of video transfer. We are happy to be able to support a small local business and put money into the Seattle economy!”

– Melinda, Seattle WA

“I had 37 two-hour video tapes, up to 18 years old, which I wanted to preserve on DVD before they became unplayable and all of those wonderful video memories were lost. Most of the tapes were hi8, which we could no longer view because our camcorder stopped working a number of years ago, so I couldn’t be sure of the quality of the video. Some googling brought me to Seattle Video Transfer, which contains a lot of information I found useful in learning about the video tape-to-DVD transfer process. Before committing to having all 37 tapes transferred I decided to have just one done to make sure the whole process would work for me. They produced the DVD in just one day and the video quality was excellent. There seemed to be sound on just one channel, however, and they immediately offered to redo the transfer; the result was the same – the problem was with the tape, not the transfer – but this indicated to me that they really care about their customers and will go the extra mile to make sure everything is just right. Soon I was delivering 36 more tapes to them, and very quickly (three business days as I recall) I had a large stack of DVDs of the same great quality as the first one. My aim is to (eventually) edit all of those DVDs down to just the best parts, and they also provided useful information on what programs I would need for my Mac to do this. I have now pulled clips from about half of the DVDs, and skimmed the rest, and all are of the same high quality. I highly recommend Seattle Video Transfer: it is professionally run, with great communications, quick turnaround, competitive prices, and excellent quality transfers. They are very pleasant and easy to work with – couldn’t ask for more.”

– Charles, Seattle WA

“Seattle Video Transfer were a pleasure to work with. They picked up a batch of camcorder tapes from my house (love that service!) and gave me a great price on transferring them to digital format. In only a few days, I had the DVDs back. The video and audio quality were spectacular. I will certainly use this company again for any more projects I might have in the future.”

– Laura, Seattle WA

“I’d been trying to digitize some 20-year old camcorder tapes myself. In the process I had to borrow a newer camcorder to use as a pass-through device, buy a new external hard drive to hold all the video files, buy a head cleaner for the old camcorder when the playback started to degrade, have the head cleaner get stuck in the camcorder, and unsuccessfully try every trick imaginable to retrieve the files when the next external hard drive totally stopped functioning. The only smart thing I did was give up and send the tapes to Seattle Video Transfer. I mailed the tapes on Monday, received a confirmation from them that they’d been received on Tuesday morning, got an email indicating that the project was complete on Tuesday night, and received the DVDs on Thursday. You can’t ask for any better service than that. The DVDs turned out great, and the video quality was far superior to the results I was getting trying to do it myself. Do yourself a favor and send your project to Seattle Video Transfer.”

– Bill, Suquamish WA

“I brought them over 100 old camcorder tapes and VCR tapes for transfer to digital DVD. They were so very easy to work with, and were able to put the media in a format that I can use in iMovie. They were prompt and emailed when they had any questions. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Getting your media saved is an important thing to do, as it is losing quality as it sits in your cabinet. Give Seattle Video Transfer a call!”

– Molly, Kent WA

“A great job!  Seattle Video Transfer took a somewhat disorganized project, organized it, and completed it really quickly.  A company that can deal with not-so-technology inclined folks like myself and technophiles like my husband made the whole experience very comfortable.”

– Ann, Seattle WA

“Seattle Video Transfer are master technicians and creative artists.  Best of all, they are perfectionists with vision and an understanding of what you need.  They created a beautiful sequential DVD out of a couple of old home video tapes, one of which I had accidentally filmed in the negative.  Now we can finally enjoy our daughter’s gymnastics meet the way it should be remembered.  Thank you!”

– Glen, Sammamish WA

“ ‘Presentation is half the message.’  When collaborating on a project, it is important that all members involved understand the desired outcome.  They ‘got it’ from the word ‘go!’.  Their final production elements had captured the feel and history of an anniversary box set for an internationally known (albeit slightly obscure) band who, 25 years later, still holds a special place in the hearts of its fans.  The project had some stereotypical elements that could have easily become a distraction, had they not been handled with the respect SVT gave them.  Expectations were exceeded, and their work helped this project come in on-time and under-budget.  Surrounding yourself with people who are more talented than you is a foundational principle held by many successful leaders.  Seattle Video Transfer is such.  I would use them again.

– Paul, Federal Way WA

“Thanks so much for the excellent work.  By transferring all of our home videos to DVD, we have much better access. Everything was fabulous, the DVD, the case design, everything!  And it was completed much earlier than the deadline!”

– Pam, Sammamish WA

“We hired Seattle Video Transfer to produce a short video to show to our customers to show the different installation techniques that our company uses compared to some of our competitors.  They did a great job with the video.  He got all of the info that we needed on film and shot the video in a very professional and easy-to-watch manner.  They have been very easy to deal with and always responsive to any edits or concerns that we had along the way in the process of producing the DVD’s for us.  Also, they are always quick to reply and actually had the DVD’s to us the day after we had everything finalized.  Thank you for doing such a great job on our project!  I’m sure it will make a huge difference in communicating to future customers.”

– Dan, Seattle WA

“Seattle Video Transfer was awarded two major projects that we needed completed in a timely manner. The first project was to design five new labels for a new product line we were introducing in June 2004.  Within 48 hours they were back to us with 4 conceptual designs that were all fantastic…the second project was to produce a training DVD for our sales reps and stores across the United States.  They were given the task of scripting, filming, and editing the DVD.  Once again, they came through with flying colors.  They filmed in three segments and put together the introduction, product training and plant tour as if they were all done in one day.  The only thing they were not able to do was make me look 20 years younger. Great job!”

– Bill, Kirkland WA

“Recently I needed to convert my old cassette tapes to CD’s and I remembered that Seattle Video Transfer had multi-talented abilities, so I emailed my needs to them.  I was pleased with their prompt reply and answers given…I found them fast, friendly and efficient, and the tasks were completed on time and under budget.  I would recommend Seattle Video Transfer to you with your needs…I have found them to be reliable and trustworthy with my valuable material in their possession.

– Keith, Redmond WA

“Hello…Steve Kelly here from the Neil diamond tribute band CherryCherry…just wanted to let you all know at Seattle Video Transfer how pleased we are with our promo work we just received…not only was it completed in a timely manner but the up-front price quotes and the final product truly exceeded our expectations.  Looking forward to our next project together.  Until then, keep it Neil!

– SteveKirkland WA

“I am so happy with my results with Seattle Video Transfer!  I found this service when I was turned away from another that was “too busy” to even look at my request.  Seattle Video Transfer responded quickly and were very professional!  I wanted a wedding DVD cleaned up and edited and they did that and more!  Now I can watch it and be satisfied while getting all emotional too~!!!  I would recommend their services to anyone I know.  Thank you!”

– Nirvana, Seattle WA

“Seattle Video Transfer did a fabulous job creating a DVD Slideshow for my mother’s birthday celebration!  We had a large party and everyone was thrilled with the professional quality of the show. I was also delighted with the personal attention I received and speed that my project was returned to me as time was very short.  Thank you so much for making my mom’s birthday special!”

– Meg, Mount Airy MD

“I had Seattle Video Transfer convert some old VCR tapes of the children when they were real young into DVD’s.  I was concerned about preserving these precious memories!  They did a good job in a timely manner.  Boy, was my wife thrilled when I gave them to her as a birthday present!  Seattle Video Transfer are good communicators so you know the job will be done to your liking!  I was very satisfied using Seattle Video Transfer!

– John, Kenmore WA

“I had several media projects, VHS to DVD, Record to CD, and more…I found Seattle Video Transfer on Craigslist, and have had nothing but great service and friendly assistance.  I am doing my business here!”

– Quinn, Gig Harbor WA

“Seattle Video Transfer saved me both time and money while creating a life-long memory for my family.  I filmed our family reunion during the summer of ’06, but ran out of time to handle the design and duplication after a long editing process. Seattle Video Transfer came to my rescue and created some of the best packaging I have seen on an incredibly low budget.  Their graphic design work and DVD reproduction were flawless, and they had the project done before I was ready to ship them.  I will send all of my future projects to this company, and I couldn’t recommend their services any higher!”

– Bjorn, Seattle WA

“We love the DVD’s!!  It’s so fun to be able to watch our old ‘home movies.’  They turned out great…and your extra attention to detail is wonderful with the photos on the cover, on the DVD itself and as icons on the screen that sectionalizes the various events.  And your follow up is great too!!”

– Patti, Maple Valley WA

“I found Seattle Video Transfer extremely professional.  My VHS transfer was handled efficiently and quickly.  The end product was more than I expected.  They are a joy to work with.  Their enthusiasm for their work produced a happy, contented customer.”

– Janet, Seattle WA

“Your work was great. Very polished, quick turnaround (on the work product and questions).  I’d use you again in a heartbeat!”

– Ben, Redmond WA

“I am incredibly happy with the transfers you did for me.  That old tape I gave you has never sounded better.  You brought my uncle’s last copy of his old 45 back to life!  Thank you so much for the great work.  Your turnaround time was superb.”

– Steve, Kent WA