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Award-winning Seattle Video Transfer | Seattle Video Transfer & Conversion to DVD, Film Reel Transfer to DVD, VHS to DVD Transfer, Video Production and more. At award-winning Seattle Video Transfer we transfer videotapes to DVD or files, and audio tapes to CD or files, and we create affordable and quality photo slideshows and video production!


All those precious memories on cassette tapes! Let Seattle Video Transfer help you preserve them today!

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Thanks for visiting! We’ve got over two decades in the Entertainment Industry, over a decade of Video Production, and are accredited with having Executive-Produced (9) musical CD’s.  The folks at Seattle Video Transfer can provide video transfer, 35mm slide conversion, CD or DVD duplication and video production services at minimal cost to you and with quick turnaround!

Cassette Tapes, 45’s, Analog 8mm, Video8 or hi8 Cassette Tapes, Digital 8mm Cassette Tapes, Microcassette Tapes, VHS Tapes, VHS-C Tapes, MiniDV Tapes

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Seattle Award Winning Video Transfer Award Winning Video Transfer in Seattle, WAHere are our services:

  • Video Capture & Transfer Services.  We transfer old VHS / VHS-C / SVHS / hi-8 / digital8 / MiniDV tapes to DVD, with chapters, full menus & slideshows set to music.  Most companies don’t offer this service; they simply offer a basic transfer.  Our packages include custom menus and chaptering, & optional slideshows set to music, as well as full-color packaging!  We can also transfer any .mpg, .wmv, .avi, .divx, or .mov files to DVD.  Please note: at this time we do not transfer fitness videos, copyright-protected, or pornographic material to DVD.  NOTE: You must own the copyrights on these in order to transfer them.  If they are commercial purchases or releases, we will not transfer them in accordance with Title 17 of the US Code and the DMCA. Please note that we no longer transfer film reel to DVD or Beta/U-Matic tapes.
  • Video Production including blue- or green-screen “Chroma-keying”.  We can provide full 4K videography, and provide subsequent 4K & Blu-Ray editing and video production!
  • Audio Capture & Transfer Services.  We transfer old cassettes / LP’s / audio reels to CD.  Brighten up your audio library with better sound and longevity!  NOTE: You must own the copyrights on these in order to transfer them.  If they are commercial purchases or releases, we will not transfer them in accordance with Title 17 of the US Code and the DMCA.
  • CD & DVD, Mass Duplication and Burning
  • Family Slide Show Videos set to music – these involve your old 35mm slides, photos (prints and digital), videos, etc., set to your favorite music!
  • Slide Conversion (35mm slides to high-resolution pictures on CD or DVD)
  • …much more!

Seattle Video Transfer will impress you with incredible services, all at affordable rates.  We have excellent turnaround and pricing on our video transfer, video production and 4K videography, so inquire today!

Thanks for trusting Seattle Video Transfer in Seattle to handle all of your VHS to DVD transfer (and other media), 35mm slide conversionvideo production4K videographycassette/LP conversions to CDCD/DVD disc duplication, specialty media services or any other design needs!